The smile of a premature baby girl was a ray of hope for many parents

Once upon a time, a tiny girl was a ray of hope for the parents of babies who had to find themselves in a similar situation.

A little girl named Freya is pictured here and she is only five days old. In that time, the girl has had to do a tremendous amount of work fighting for her life. The girl smiled when she saw her parents Lauren and David Vigneault.

Tiny Freya was born on the Thanksgiving holiday in 2014. She weighed only 1.7 kilograms. Thanks to the competent work of the doctors, the little girl was already feeling well after 5 days.

The parents were so happy that their little girl survived that they gave a picture of her first smile to the doctors. And so many years later, Freya’s picture hangs on the wall in the hospital.

After her experience, Lauren decided to help parents whose babies were born prematurely. And Freya’s picture was proof that miracles do happen.

The girl is now eight years old. She is healthy, does well at school and still makes her parents happy with her smile.

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