The twin brothers married the twin sisters. They already had children

A little over twenty years ago, twin brothers from Ohio, Mark and Craig Sanders met twin sisters Darlene and Diane Nettemeyer. At first sight, they knew it was destiny.

The two twin couples began dating and then legally formalized their relationship. Mark married Darlene and Craig married Diane. At the wedding, the brides wore matching dresses and the grooms wore matching suits. The two families bought mansions next door.

A year later, Diana also gave birth to twins for Craig. The boys look exactly like each other. If the probability of twins being born is 3 in 1000, then identical ones are born once in a million cases.

The second married couple has not yet had twins. But Darlina gave birth to girls who look like twins. Later, Darlina and Mark had a boy.

Married couples Mark and Darlene and Craig and Diana are truly amazing and unique. After all, they have the same gene set, which means that genetically their children are not cousins, but siblings.

The two Sanders families still live next door and raise children together.

They are often invited to television, scientific reports are made about them, and they are frequent guests at twin festivals.

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