A cat brought her kittens to a girl who once helped her

In mid-summer, a North Carolina resident found a cat on her front porch. The red cat was obviously homeless and very hungry. The girl fed the animal. The cat left, but was back on the doorstep the next day, this time with her kitten.

According to the girl, the cat came in the evening at the same time as the day before. Along with her was a kitten, very similar to her mother. The girl fed the animals again. On the third day everything happened again. The cat came at the same time, but now brought her two little ones. The girl realized that the cat and her babies would not be able to survive on their own, so she turned to Sarah Kelly, a pet volunteer.

It took a team of volunteers some time to find a cat with kittens and then to catch their mother, who was only caught with the help of a bait. The whole family was placed in a holding facility where they are cared for. Life on the street was not easy for them.

They are genuinely happy to be able to live in a house, sleep warmly and have plenty to eat. Meanwhile, the whole family is resting and gaining strength.

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