A cat named Horatio lures children to the library

It is a public library (with three different branches) located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA. However, what sets this library apart from all the others is the fact that it has a very special staff member, a cat named Horatio. Each week Horatio participates in the hashtag #caturday on the institution’s Instagram, taking very helpful pictures.

To engage audiences and increase readership and art consumption in general (even if it’s nostalgic movies like The Princess Diary, Star Wars and so on), social worker and Horatio owner Lisa Shaffer turns her cat into iconic Hollywood, historical and pop culture figures, be they real or fictional characters.

“He gets treats when we do a ‘photo shoot,’ and is very patient when he is dressed and seated for a picture,” Shaffer said. – “We’ve gone from hats and bowties to shirts, wigs and more elaborate costumes, all of which Horatio wears with ease.”

He depicts characters from famous books

This helps to ‘bring them back to life’.

Each time a new image

This piques the interest of children – they want to know who the cat is showing.

As a result, the number of young readers is increasing. It’s not just a costume session. This is a complete cosplay.

Thanks to Horatio and his teacher’s hobbies, the library is always full of children eager to join the world literature.

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