A cat that no one wanted to touch finally found a loving owner and home

Valentino is a beautiful, affectionate, healthy kitten who loves his life and his owner, Tanya Menjivar.

He is brave, loving, and no one who looks at him can imagine the terrible ordeal he has gone through.

It’s hard to believe that this thriving, healthy looking kitten was once so sick that people didn’t even want to touch him.

But the truth is, it took a lot of hard work and dedication to give Valentino the beautiful life he lives today.

Many years ago, Valentino lived in agony in an animal shelter.

The poor cat was stricken with sarcoptic fever, which was so severe that he could not even open his eyes.

Tiny mites infested his skin and covered his muzzle with a crusty rash that caused intense itching, pain, and general discomfort.

Poor Valentino was so weakened that he could barely meow.

Because his shingles were considered contagious, people were reluctant to touch him.

Valentino was very upset, and because the shingles prevented people from touching him, he could not even draw strength from expressions of endearment.

That was until Elaine Seamans of the Achoo Foundation came to Valentino’s shelter.

Seamans provided countless sick and needy animals with the medical care they needed, and when she met Valentino, she knew she had to help him.

“I opened his cage door, shocked by his appearance. He stood up and almost fell over, but he turned and came toward me,” Elaine says.

Ignoring the risk of catching lice, she took the weak kitten in her arms and cuddled him. Finally, things were about to change for little Valentino.

The Leave No Paws Behind rescue group offered to take Valentino in and soon began working on his treatment.

It was hard work, as Valentino’s shingles was very severe, but gradually his health began to improve.

He was finally surrounded by people who loved him and were determined to help him, and all this love and devotion gradually began to pay off.

Not only did he regain his strength, his appetite, and his love of life, but he also grew his fur, and, best of all, he was able to open his eyes again.

Eventually, Valentino got strong enough to move into a foster home.

Valentino fell in love with his foster family.

He was such a sweet, loving kitten with a wonderful personality and so much love.

Finally, his foster mom, Tanya Menjivar, realized that she wasn’t meant to just foster him. She had to adopt him.

Valentino had become an integral part of her family, and there was no way she was going to let him go.

Valentino is now loved, happy and healthy, all thanks to the many wonderful people who fought tirelessly for his health and survival.

It’s been a long and arduous journey, but this sweet kitten is finally exactly where he needs to be: at home.

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