A creepy creature with a turtle shell instead of a head came onto the beach: people ran without a backward glance

Tourists vacationing on the beach in Indonesia witnessed an unusual phenomenon. A strange creature with a turtle shell on its head emerged from the water on the shore. The creature looked frightening and tourists rushed to leave the beach.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding what the image was. Some thought it was the reincarnation of a dragon, others thought it was an alien, but no one could understand why the creature had put on a shell.

Some users speculated that it was a huge lizard, and they were the closest to the truth. The shell on the animal’s head was an accident; it is unlikely that it wanted this to happen on its own.

Those who speculated that the creature came from prehistoric reptiles were also right, as people encountered a Komodo Dragon on the beach in Indonesia.

This huge lizard is controversial even among scientists, because the reptile has preserved its appearance since ancient times. Scientists have found the remains of this reptile species, it is established that they are about 3.5 million years old, which is interesting, since then Komodo dragons have not changed much.


The preservation of the species is due to its remoteness from humans. In captivity, such as in zoos, they do not live long.

It was the Komodo dragon in the photo of the tourist. In this case, the decision of people to leave the beach was correct, because these reptiles are prone to aggression. In the picture you can see that the reptile does not show aggression. But this is rather due to the shell on its head, which put the giant in an uncomfortable position.

Komodo dragons grow up to three meters in length, weigh from 70 to 130 kg, have powerful jaws and sharp teeth. The “menu” of predators includes seagulls, turtles, as well as their congeners. If there is no usual food around, the reptile can easily dine on humans as well.

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