A dog and her tiny puppies came to a stranger’s house

One morning a man found a red dog in his yard. She didn’t come alone, but with pretty puppies! They all looked like their mother, but the white one clearly resembled …his own dog named Shadori. The man was surprised, because the dog spent most of his time in the cage and could hardly get a “girlfriend”. The owner had to decide two questions at once: whether the appearance of the dog is associated with Shadori, and what to do with the fluffy kids …

For several years the white pet had been living in his owner’s enclosure. From time to time the dog popped out for walks, but it was always under the owner’s supervision. That is why the appearance of the red dog, who gave birth to babies not so long ago, surprised the owner Shadori.

He was even more astonished when he saw the cute puppies running merrily after their mother. They were all ginger or grayish, and only one of them stood out for its white coat. He looked remarkably like Shadori, and the owner was shocked.

“Has my dog managed to get a ‘girlfriend’ who has now come into his house?” – he thought, looking at the guest and her babies.

Meanwhile, the dog sat near the cage as if he had known Shadori for a long time. The dog, in turn, began to play merrily with the little ones, as if he were their daddy!

The owner began to have doubts, and he asked the vet for a DNA test to find out the truth. Well, the babies couldn’t have been from his dog, they just couldn’t!

Having picked up one of the puppies, the doctor deftly took the material for analysis, and then compared it with the fragments obtained from Shadori to establish the relationship of the animals…

Upon hearing the verdict, the owner was reassured: his dog was not the father of the red dog pups! He felt that this could not have happened. But what about her and her offspring?

Together with other residents of the village, the man decided to find out where the dog lived and where it came from. After following her, people saw that the mother had carried her babies under the old bridge. That’s where the villagers went…

What they saw made them despondent: It was damp and dirty everywhere. In addition, winter was approaching, which meant that when the cold came, the babies could freeze to death.

His heart sank, wondering how the little ones would survive in such conditions. The place was not suitable even for an adult dog, not to mention puppies…

And then he decided to take them all to his place! Especially for the babies and their mother, the man built a nice house to give the family a place to sleep through the winter! Now they had enough to eat and be warm!

Well, we are very happy that the man was kind-hearted and found a cozy place for his guest and her puppies!

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