A family got a British cat kitten, but after a month it suddenly started barking

When the family decided to get a kitten, they noticed an ad for a mestizo short-haired British cat. The little pet grew quickly and ate with gusto, but its behavior became a source of bewilderment. Instead of the usual purring, after a few weeks, the kitten started making barking and growling noises like a dog.

One day, the daughter of the family told her parents that Dui had started barking. At first, the adults did not believe her, but soon encountered this phenomenon themselves. They decided to seek help from a veterinarian to analyze their kitten’s unusual behavior.

Upon first meeting Dui, the vet immediately realized that the puppy in front of him was not a kitten at all, but a real puppy of a rare Vietnamese Hmong dog breed.

“Although this puppy looks like a cat, his behavior is completely dog-like: he loves to run and play, and always has a cute smile on his face,” said the vet.

The owners were initially a little saddened to discover that their “kitten” was actually a dog. However, they soon became overjoyed to have such a unique and special pet. They may never know the reason why Dui looks and behaves the way he does, but it doesn’t matter to them anymore. What matters is that Dui is attractive and full of life. He has become an integral part of a family that has fully embraced his characteristics.

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