A farmer took a cat to guard his crops from rats, but the cat decided to guard the farmer’s daughter

When people take cats from the street, animals almost always feel great gratitude, which they try to show with all their might. That’s exactly how Hunter, a cat who lived on the street but then found a family, behaved.

Hutner and his sister Kate lived on the streets for a long time. But then they ended up in a shelter in San Diego. The cats were big and didn’t know how to get along with people at all. After all, they had spent their entire lives taking care of themselves on their own. Usually such pets spend their entire lives in a shelter. But Hater got lucky. The farmer was looking for a cat that would protect his crops from rats. And a large feral cat seemed to him the best candidate. Coming to the shelter for Hunter, the man saw Kate there. So the brother and sister went to their new home together.

The animals quickly got used to life on the farm. But for a long time they treated people with distrust. And it took a lot of time and effort for the family to gain the trust of animals. In the end, the cats not only got used to people, but genuinely loved them.

The most amazing thing is that the big and wild Hunter literally fell in love with the farmer’s daughter. The cat follows the little girl everywhere and spends his time only with her. When the girl is playing with his friends, the cat is always around, worrying that no one hurt his little owner.

According to the farmer, guarding the crops is not to Hunter’s liking. That’s why this job is entirely on Kate, while the cat has become his daughter’s guardian. No matter how the work is divided between the cats, each of them does a great job.

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