A fisherman rescued a crocodile and released it, but it came back and didn’t want to leave: friendship at 22 years old

A fisherman found an unusual guest by the river – a crocodile that was in a helpless state. A man named Gilbert Sheddon decided to take it with him to his farm. The suddenly appeared pet was named Pocho. Gilbert originally planned to let the crocodile go free, but Pocho returned to his new friend every time. It was then that Gilbert made the decision to keep him, and so began a unique friendship between reptile and man that lasted a full 22 years.

Known as “Cheeto,” Gilbert became a crocodile shaman in the eyes of the locals. Pocho, according to the rules, had to be hidden in the pond behind the house, as the fisherman did not have a permit to keep wild large animals. However, with each passing day, the crocodile behaved more and more domestically. Soon Pocho started to get out of the pond to sleep next to his new friend on the veranda.

Over time, the fisherman managed to get official permission to keep the crocodile, but a new problem arose – Pocho consumed several kilograms of expensive meat every day. It was then that Gilbert came up with an idea – he started teaching his pet various tricks and performing with him every Sunday in an artificial lake near his house. The performances with Pocho attracted hundreds of tourists and became a real attraction in The Gambia.

Their story caught the attention of documentary filmmakers, and in 2012 they became the heroes of a movie called Tame the Dragon. Pocho has become a true legend in the animal world, and his story inspires people around the world. It serves as a unique example of how care and love can transform a naturally incredible creature into an affectionate and gentle friend.

And so they said goodbye.

Although Pocho’s story has come to an end, its legacy lives on. This story was an important reminder of the need to respect and care for wildlife.

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