A homeless kitten met a fisherman and very insistently asked to take him in. And the man couldn’t resist

One day a man named Jason was fishing with a friend on the shore of a lake when suddenly a tiny furry lump ran up to him, meowing pitifully. Seeing this little face, Jason couldn’t help but pay attention to it. And in the end he decided to take the kitten home.

So Jason and his friend were quietly fishing, when suddenly they were disturbed by something. They were surprised to see a kitten come out of nowhere. The kitten (it turned out to be a girl) was persistently trying to get into the bag, demanding attention in every way.

Later, the man and his friend found another kitten, which turned out to be a sibling of the first one they found. The friends realized that the animals had probably been thrown away, though the kittens were too young to be separated from their mother.

The gray kitten followed Jason around like a duckling, and the boy eventually took him home. And buddy got himself another baby.

At home, the lucky cat, obviously happy to be rescued, behaved very calmly, even while bathing.

“She’s feeling great right now, eating like a champ. She’s already going to the litter box just fine. We cleaned her of fleas as best we could because she’s still too young and there are no completely safe flea treatments for kittens this age,” Jason said.

In general, the man did not catch many fish that day, but returned home with a new member of the family.

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