“A huge crocodile is chasing a dog swimming in the ocean while its owner desperately calls for it.”

Hannah, a blogger from the magazine Han and Her Four Guy, was vacationing in Umagico in northern Cape York, Australia when she captured an exhilarating moment on video.

A dog was swimming in the sea when a huge crocodile appeared and began moving towards the animal. The owner of the dog appeared on the shore and immediately started calling the dog back. ‘Start, come here!’ exclaimed the distraught owner, grabbing their head in their hands.

The tourists whistled and called the dog, and they all watched breathlessly.

At one point, the pet dog stopped swimming and also turned around to look at its pursuer, who was a few meters behind, and immediately began racing towards the shore.

“There were about 15 people on the financial institution watching the events unfold, and each person had their heart in their mouth,” Hannah told the Daily Mail Australia.

“Most of us looked at each other afterward with absolute dismay and shock at what we had just witnessed.”

“You see David Attenborough on the screen and you worry, but witnessing it in the real world is a real heart-stopper. Everyone was so grateful that it was a happy ending!”

Hannah posted the video on Facebook with the caption: “I almost experienced Cape Carnage this morning. A young pup nearly got grabbed by a croc.

“Hearts were racing as we all tried to call the pup back…”.

The good news is that the dog made it safely to the shore and also went back to its owner.

The video clip went viral with thousands of people commenting on just how close of a call it was and also expressing that their hearts were racing just watching the video sequence.

One person wrote, “Sh** that was close!”

“Lucky pup,” commented another follower to which Hannah replied, “A bit too close for comfort if you ask me, and not quite the relaxing Sunday morning we had planned!”

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