A Japanese man found a puppy and tried to find its owners. Turns out it wasn’t a puppy.

A man from Japan recently stumbled upon a rare find. He found a lone puppy on the side of the road.

The dog looked too small to take care of herself. So he named her Moon and took her home. At least for the time being. Being a responsible person, he placed an ad on social media to find owners.

This is where the most interesting part began. The owners never showed up, but there were plenty of answers.Moon looks really nice, so that’s what most people wrote about.

But some expressed doubt that it was a dog.

Someone suggested that it was a Japanese raccoon dog (tanuki).But in the end the commentators agreed…

Moon turned out to be a fox!

In Japan, it is forbidden to keep foxes at home because they can be carriers of dangerous parasites. That’s why the man started looking for a kennel.

He found a fox kennel in Kitami City, where experts determined that Moon was a 1-2 month old fox.

Now Moon-chan will live in the kennel until she grows up. She already has friends!

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