A kitten adopted by the police starts working at the police station

This abandoned kitten could not find his adoptive parents until he met an animal loving sheriff. The kitten immediately felt at home in this environment where everyone showed him love. So, naturally, he settled in at the police station.

Sheriff Donnie Edenfield from Marianna, Florida, USA, is an animal rights activist. He regularly works with JCSO to rescue cats and dogs.
In early October 2022, Ramsey Romero, a public information officer, reported that a nine-month-old red kitten had not been adopted and was suffering in an animal shelter. The sheriff went to the shelter and took the kitten to the police station.

The kitten immediately got off the bus to look around the room and greet the staff.
Donnie immediately fell in love with a young kitten with a strong personality.

The kitten always makes the public laugh with his antics. He also likes to comfort both the cops and the victims. He climbs onto their laps and purrs furiously to help them relax.

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