A magpie learned to bark in dog language to communicate with her friend

In the Australian environment of Queensland live 2 friends Peggy and Molly. Nothing out of the ordinary, you’d think.But it’s not as easy as it looks, Peggy is a Staffordshire terrier and Molly is a common magpie. Their warm favoritism is all over the net.

The owners, Juliette and Rhys, posted a video of their pets in Ticktock. The video garnered nearly 3 million views and was expanded by online users in a matter of days.

Julie and Peggy found the hungry and shabby chick last fall during a walk. According to the woman, her young Staffie is usually afraid of live birds. But here it was different. The dog itself began to attract the attention of the owner.

Surprisingly, there were no anxious parents or a magpie’s nest nearby.

Juliet brought the magpie home. The couple feared for a week that the baby would never make it. The chick slept all the time and ate practically nothing. The dog, meanwhile, sat close by.

As soon as the bird regained her strength, she was given a name and an opportunity to fly away. The couple purposely left the windows open and regularly took Molly outside. But the magpie was in no hurry to leave the hospitable home. Peggy patronized the chick to such an extent that at one point she decided to adopt her. She even began to lactate. The young magpie, without a shadow of a doubt, began to adopt the canine habits of her “mother.” Peggy now walks around in her shirt to protect herself from her hungry “daughter,” and Molly barks at the neighbor’s dogs.

By the way, this habit for a long time misled the owners. They had purposely taught her not to bark unnecessarily, and every time they heard an empty bark, they were disappointed. It all came to light when they and Peggy were outside and there was barking in the house.

Rhys and Juliet do not give up hope of letting Molly go to her relatives; they want her to build her nest nearby. Well, Molly is definitely happy with her current family and does not intend to create her own family yet.

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