A mama duck incubated a crocodile egg, and now the animal considers itself part of the duck flock

An unusual duck clutch happened to contain a crocodile egg. The mother duck instinctively incubated it together with her own eggs, and when the little crocodile hatched out of the shell along with the other ducklings, she did not even pay attention to it. The crocodile also quietly joined the duck flock and behaved as if it was a full member of this community. The video clearly shows that the animal considers itself an integral part of the duck family.

Judging by its size, the crocodile was hatched in the previous generation of ducklings, and is used to really consider itself “part of the team”. The video shows the animal returning back to the nest and settling cozily next to the mother duck and other ducklings. Due to its cold-bloodedness, the crocodile is probably comfortable in such company. In addition, familiar smells and familiar behavior add to the feeling of “home”.

In nature, wild crocodiles and birds often coexist. For example, in the swamps of Florida, even storks and ducks nest very close to alligators. This is a mutually beneficial cooperation: the birds’ nest is protected from rodents, and crocodiles hunt small mammals that come to nest by the dozens.

This particular crocodile, which has taken on the role of a member of the duck flock, managed to be captured on video.

Probably sooner or later the crocodile will leave the nest and go to the swamp, and the duck will raise its ducklings and move elsewhere as well.

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