A raccoon buried alive owes his life to kind-hearted children

The raccoon, buried alive in the ground, got out of this desperate situation thanks to two thoughtful boys who found him by chance! The animal’s rescue was caught on camera, and the boys are now a household name for their heroism.

Dayton, 14, and his brother Rylen, 12, saved the animals in distress from potentially painful consequences. The boys and their dad, Dray McMilon, returned home after a family holiday get-together. There’s a lot of forest around their house and the brothers sometimes take walks in it, and this time was no exception. After a few minutes wandering through the forest, they came across a collapsed animal pit. Dayton and Rylen began examining it to see if any animals remained.

Unfortunately, there was a little raccoon. The helpless raccoon was terrified, and there was no telling how long he’d been like this. So, the boys quickly decided what steps to take to save the animal as quickly as possible. First, they ran home to call their father for help, after which their father, Dray, took his shovel and went into the forest with his sons.

“With the exception of the head and front paws, the raccoon’s body was underground,” said the father.

“Fortunately, when I arrived, the raccoon was still breathing and fighting for its life.”

Dray and his sons had to dig very carefully around the animal to avoid harming it, but it wasn’t easy, plus it was already dark, so they called the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for help.

One of the center’s volunteers arrived very quickly, and thanks to their joint efforts, the animal was released a few hours later. The raccoon was then taken to Wild West Wildlife for examination. The animal didn’t stay there long, as it wasn’t harmed at all. Eventually, he returned to the forest and his rescuers were content with a happy ending!

“My sons were so excited that they managed to save the animal’s life,” said the proud dad. “They’ll always remember it.”

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