A three-week-old kitten wandered around the city until it met a kind person

A resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, accidentally found a tiny cat in a back alley somewhere. The three-week-old furry baby was in danger of dying in the big city. The man decided to help him.

When the little kitten got into a warm room with good food and people’s attention to her, she herself cuddled up to everyone who was in her sight.

The kitten was cared for around the clock. The little cat quickly put on weight, played and slept a lot.

Nikki Martinez found out about it – she was a volunteer. She wanted to take the kitten with her. She went to the man who found the kitten, bringing a blanket and a carrier basket. So, wrapped in a soft cloth, the kitty was safely delivered to Nikki. She named the cat Rani.

The traveler liked it very much in her new place of residence. She was often given bottles filled with delicious, healthy food. She slept in a cozy, equipped place.

Four weeks have passed. Rani is becoming an active, intelligent, and even somewhat adventurous kitty. She walks around the house without any fear, scrutinizing every room. She has already studied hers!

Meanwhile, volunteers are looking for siblings for her. And also an adult cat. She is being prepared for the role of the mother of the future cat family.

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