A wild bear came to the village to be patted on the head

Finding a bear in the woods is very difficult, because these animals sense approaching people and immediately run away or hide. More often a bear can be seen near people’s homes, where they come to look for food in case of hunger in the woods.

A bear came to the village driven by hunger. People immediately noticed the animal, some of them decided to film the visit of the forest guest.

At first the bear decided to wander on the outskirts, but then the desire to find food led him closer and closer to people’s homes. The animal approached the dwellings cautiously, not making any sudden movements, as if showing people that no one intended to harm them.

The house that the bear approached belonged to a middle-aged man. The man was not frightened by the visitor, on the contrary, he did not hide in the house, he stroked the bear, and the bear liked the petting. The man spoke to the bear gently and stroked it.

Afterwards the man said that the bear behaved in a friendly way, which is not typical of these animals at all. According to the man, the bear did not show any displeasure when it was touched.

After a hug with the man, the bear went into the woods. The impression was that the bear did not come out to people for food, but for attention.

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