A woman took in a stray dog, and now he won’t eat or drink while his owner isn’t home

Nadezhda has always had a great love for the four-legged friends. She has always been not indifferent to cats and dogs in need of help. She has never left an animal in need.

One day she was refueling her car and suddenly saw a dog. The poor dog had a broken eye. The woman felt very sorry for the poor animal and could not pass by. Not everyone is capable of such nobility as this woman. The veterinarians tried to help the dog, to fix his sick eye, but they were unsuccessful.

Nadia named her dog Zhelia. Nadia considers her pet an incredible beauty, despite her small flaw. Zhelia is a very obedient, kind, and loyal girl.



Every day, after her owner leaves, Jelly waits for her to return. She doesn’t even touch food until she waits for her owner. Perhaps Jelly is afraid she will be abandoned again. It’s understandable, since the poor girl has had a difficult fate.

She loves Nadezhda, who gives her a comfortable home, warmth, and care. They adore each other. And we are glad that there are such wonderful people in the world as Nadezhda. As long as they are in the world, we believe in miracles.

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