A woman took the smallest cat in the litter. Today it is winning over the Internet with its discontented face

Everyone has a bad mood, and no one is immune to it. And even… cats. However, this kitty just conquered the Internet with her unhappy face! Despite the constantly sad, sometimes “grumpy” face, the cat itself is adorable!

A tiny, grumpy-looking cat named Widget has created a furor on the internet, and it’s all thanks to her stunning frown.

The future owner, Michelle Roberts, chose the smallest cat in the litter and never once regretted it.

“Cats with features have always been a weakness of mine. I chose Widget because she was the smallest. She had dwarfism, so I was looking for an expert to tell me how to take care of her.”

Genetic abnormalities have resulted in stunted growth and unusual body proportions. She cannot run and jump as briskly as normal cats, and her attempts to climb somewhere make her smile.

But, of course, that was not even the main thing. The amazing muzzle and the frozen expression – always displeased – are what captivates people’s hearts.

The kitty blended in nicely with the three other cats who were already living with Michelle.

“She became a queen right away, she knew she was going to get away with a lot. And I didn’t mind – I loved her so much.”

“The way she goes up and down the stairs is something to see. It’s not only funny, it’s also very loud.”

Despite her dwarfism, Widget is perfectly healthy, according to veterinarians.

And now she enjoys a quiet cat life. Except that she sometimes “grudgingly” poses for pictures.

Widget is exceptionally adorable! When you look at her, you feel as if you understand her. But in fact, she is an exceptionally affectionate and kind cat, and her face is just a consequence of her dwarfism. And yet, that’s where her charm lies.

Let’s wish Widget a long life with his beloved owner!

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