Abandoned sheepdog roamed the streets with a toy in its teeth

In the streets of the American city of Detroit, a lonely German shepherd dog was spotted, not to be looked at without pity. The abandoned dog wandered down the street with a stuffed toy in his teeth, and was in poor condition. Passersby took pictures of her carrying her favorite toy down the street and posted the photo in various social media groups. The pictures with the sheepdog immediately caused a great response on the network.

The dog’s photo went viral and was spotted by the staff of the local animal rescue center. They couldn’t leave the sheepdog alone in trouble, so they decided to help by teaming up with the shelter. The dog, who was nicknamed Nikki, was found fairly quickly and brought to the shelter. As the shelter owner later found out, Nikki had been living on the street for months, probably after her owners died. The sheepdog collected scraps from the back alleys and was occasionally fed by locals.

But that was all behind her. Nikki was examined by the vets, and unfortunately, the vets found a heartworm and a number of other health problems. She also had to have surgery on her stomach, where the doctors found plastic bags and wooden twigs. After her recovery, Nikki was sent to a caring family for rehoming, where she now continues to receive treatment.

Nikki was put on a diet of chicken, rice, and healthy foods at the shelter. As she recovers, both physically and emotionally the dog is improving. She is opening up every day and showing her wonderful, gentle personality. According to her guardians, she often shows her feelings and is very grateful for her care.

When the dog finally recovers, a permanent home will be found for him. Thank you, people!

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