After 1.5 months the puppy was returned to us, and she was sadly looking after the departing owners.

It’s hard to accept the fact that people’s mistreatment of animals is becoming commonplace. Such cases have become commonplace, but there are stories that are so revealing that they are worth sharing.

Pugovka lived in a new home for more than a month and then came back to us.

Little Pugovka with funny big ears found her home. We were very happy that she was taken, because the character of the dog was unusually kind and affectionate, she like no other deserved to be happy next to good owners.

When the girl was returned, she was unusually sad. She looked at her former owners with a look of sadness and incomprehension, because she did not know what she had done wrong and why they had decided to abandon her.

They explained to us that they had decided to move and that they did not intend to take the dog with them to another city.
In a month and a half the dog had not become native to the people, so they easily returned it to us as soon as there was a reason to do so.

I want those who are planning to get a pet to remember that animals are not toys, they have feelings, they are capable of loving and suffer greatly when that love is betrayed. Animals quickly become attached to people, consider them their family, and have a hard time getting over a separation.

While Pugovka was on her way to the holding facility, she sat quietly by the window in the car and looked out on the street. All animals experience things differently, Pugovka was one of those who pines quietly, worrying and crying deep inside.


The animals at the shelter did not forget Pugovka and met her with joy, but she did not want to play or communicate, and just followed the volunteer, as if afraid that the man would leave her.

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