An abandoned dog wandered the streets in search of shelter from the storm

When Hurricane Irma moved towards Florida, residents of the state evacuated or took shelter. Those who decided to stay stocked up on food and hoped for the best.

But not only people were looking for a safe place to hide from the storm. Many people fled the state, unfortunately, abandoning their pets. There were also many animals that were already homeless.And they were forced to seek shelter.

One of them was a small dog desperately seeking refuge in central Florida. Walking down the street, she approached a family preparing for a storm.

When the woman saw this cute dog, she called her. The smart dog looked around before crossing the street, and did not even hesitate to approach the woman.

The woman took the dog and fed him. The dog was very hungry and thirsty. She ate all the food and drank the water within a few minutes.
The woman assumed that the puppy had already wandered alone for a long time because its fur was covered with dirt. There were scratches and cuts on her skin, and her paws were bleeding.

The woman took this lost dog into her home and soon realized how friendly she was.

She let the dog play in her garden, and the dog was absolutely delighted.

The next day, the woman took the dog to the vet for examination. Fortunately, the dog was healthy. The veterinarian believes that she is a cross between a husky and a wolf, and she is less than a year old.

The woman wrote on social networks to find out if this dog has an owner. She soon found out that this poor dog belonged to several families and had a difficult past.

The original owners lost their apartment and couldn’t pick it up when they moved. So they gave her to a couple who they thought would take care of her. But this family also gave the dog to others.

Her last owner was a man who could no longer support her. So he let her out of the truck on the side of the road in another city.

The dog spent the next four weeks alone, wandering the roads, desperately looking for food. But even more she dreamed of a warm home and a loving family.

The woman who found her decided to adopt her and give her a house forever! She called her Amaterasu, or “Amy” for short.

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