An elderly foster dog brought happiness to a 104-year-old man

When asked if dogs are the secret to a long life, Milt Lessner told BBC News correspondent Jan Reader: “I’d like to think so.” At 104, he probably knows this better than anyone.

Milt grew up with dogs. He kept dogs in the house all his life until his wife and pets died a few years ago.

He once worked as a psychiatrist (now he is retired). Milt took dogs with him to help his patients relax. Despite the fact that he had a lot of experience working with dogs and even before he was a volunteer for rescue, he was repeatedly refused when he tried to adopt a dog because of his extraordinary age.

Leila, an elderly mixed dachshund and corgi, also faced problems due to her advanced age. At the age of 8, she was found wandering.She was subsequently placed under the care of the San Diego County Animal Services Department.

Although Leila was found on the street, it seems that she was well taken care of. She was in good condition.However, an infection was detected in her uterus, which required emergency surgery.

No one came to pick up the dog. After receiving the help she needed, she was taken to Lionel’s Heritage, a rescue service specializing in elderly dogs in the San Diego area.

Although Milt was denied the adoption of a dog, he did not give up.After contacting with Lionels Heritage, he met Leila. They quickly became friends. And in November 2016, Milt brought her home.

Leila was very calm. She’s the perfect dog for Milt. She immediately adapted to her new home.

Rescuers took into account Milt’s age, but also his love for dogs. They decided to adopt as part of their Seniors for Seniors program. Officially, Leila is still with Lionels Heritage, but lives in Milt’s house.

The dog is currently unavailable for adoption and lives happily as a member of Milt’s family. If something happens to Milt, Leila will return to the shelter. And she will never have to worry about not being taken care of.

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