An Oklahoma cat got a job at age 19

For just under two years, Liz Baker has lived at Stone Creek Assisted Living Center, a nursing home in Alliance, Ohio. She lives there with her 19-year-old cat, Simba.

That’s an age not many cats reach. However, that doesn’t stop him from being full of energy and joy in life, even if he clearly no longer has the enthusiasm of his youth.

Liz Baker adopted him nine years ago. She recounts his arrival at her home.

“He walked around my room, down to the living room, through the dining room. Then he came back and sat down beside the cage and looked up at me like, ‘well. guess this will do.’”

They have been together ever since, as the Alliance Senior Living Residence allows its residents to keep pets. Simba is not one to snuggle, but he can be gentle and affectionate. He does this with everyone at Stone Creek Senior Center, where he has become a mascot.

Every day his owner takes him for a ride on her little mobile scooter and lets him get some fresh air in the residence’s garden. It’s an opportunity for Simba to meet and greet the other residents. And when a new resident or visitor arrives at the house, the duo is always ready to greet them.

The nursing home staff also appreciates the presence of this ginger cat.

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