Bear came to ask for human help, her cub entangled in fishing nets in river

Wild animals rarely come close to villages, so the man was surprised when he heard a low growl outside the window. He looked outside and saw a bear cub standing on its hind legs by the fence in the yard. The man quickly realized that the beast wouldn’t just come out to people and decided to move after the bear as she slowly began to move away toward the woods.

The trail that the bear and the man followed led to a nearby lake. The man remembered that bears often swim across bodies of water with cubs on their backs and knew the bear probably needed help.

His instincts were right. He immediately noticed a bear cub entangled in a fishing net by the shore of the lake. The net had unhooked itself from its fasteners and was sinking.

There was no time to think about it. The man quickly went down to the shore, cut the net open and struggled to get the cub out of the water.

All this time the bear stood by and did not move, but then she immediately ran to her cub.

The hunter slowly stepped aside, keeping his eyes on the mother bear. She took one last look at the man and disappeared into the forest. The wet bear cub hurried after her.

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