Caracal is the most beautiful cats on the planet

A beautiful look, a graceful gait and kind eyes — all this you can see in the domesticated breed of wild cats, the caracal.

Karkals are as exotic and unusual as the Bombay cat. At the same time, according to its external data, it is in no way inferior to the Egyptian UIA.

If you bought a caracal as a kitten, then 100% it will grow up to be a kind and cute pet. There will not be a drop of anger and savagery in it.

Caracals have a natural sociability and friendliness. Therefore, having crossed the threshold of your apartment, the caracal will immediately begin to inspect the territory and get acquainted with all the living people and animals on it.

Of course, we should not forget that the breed is still wild, predatory animals. Even if your kitten grew up and was brought up in a quiet home environment, it is still not worth testing his patience and character.

If in Europe and America it is customary to go hunting with dogs, then in Africa and Asia cats were also used for these purposes.

In ancient times, richer people tamed cheetahs for hunting, and those who could not afford it chose ocelots or caracals.

These cats coped well with catching small antelopes, hares, peacocks and pheasants.

Their name is an interpretation of the Turkish word “karakulak”, literally translated as “black ears”.

The Caracallas did not really resist domestication. These animals are smart, like Thai cats and quite docile.
Perhaps that is why not so long ago they began to be brought home not as hunters, but simply as their favorites.

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