Cute footage of a gorilla mother greeting a newborn was captured at the veterinary center

Due to complications during childbirth, doctors temporarily separated the gorilla Kiki from her baby. The long-awaited meeting of the female with the baby turned out to be very touching. After all, the greatest love on earth is the love of a mother!

Gorillas, like humans, often suffer from birth and postpartum complications.

Therefore, when a 39-year-old pregnant gorilla named Kiki from the Franklin Zoo in Boston was found to have placenta previa – a condition in which the placenta attaches above the cervix, in the lower part of the uterus, and not in the upper. She was urgently given a caesarean section, and then separated from her son for the duration of her recovery.

After Kiki recovered, the family reunited. The moment of the long-awaited meeting with the baby turned out to be very touching and brought tears to the eyes of everyone present.

The female very carefully took the baby in her arms. She looked at him with a long loving look and gently stroked his head: with a feeling understandable to all mothers of the world.

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