Dog saves woman’s life after smelling breast cancer

Dogs really can sniff out diseases: cancer, diabetes and even the coronavirus

Lucy Giles thought her beloved dog, Brody, was just craving some attention. At some point, the dog began to constantly hide his nose in the woman’s armpit. He could sit like that for a very long time!

The dog had never behaved this way before, even though he had lived with Giles for a year. The woman took Brody from the shelter after her partner had spent six months in the hospital on life support due to the coronavirus.

When he returned home, the couple decided to add pets to the family, which they loved.

They adopted Brody, a Newfoundland. This breed is known for saving lives because of its swimming ability and intelligence.

Giles said that at some point the dog started “sniffing” at her right armpit. “Mostly it happened when I was sitting and either watching TV or sitting down just to rest. But it was always in the same spot on my right side. At first I thought it was him wanting some attention or play, but then I decided that maybe I should pay attention to it.”

The woman examined herself and felt a lump in her chest there. Soon after, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Giles then underwent six courses of chemotherapy, followed by a lumpectomy and radiation therapy. She said she is strongly supported by family and friends, but her mainstay is her savior, Brody.

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