Flew away, but didn’t forget: a huge condor flies to the man who rescued him and hugs him

Andean condors live in Argentina. The birds of this species are considered the largest in these parts. Adult condors have wings that span three meters and can weigh up to 15 kilograms. While condors are not yet an endangered species, scientists say that their population is declining. One of these birds was helped to survive by a local farmer named Edgardo.

Edragro was working on his farm when he noticed a chick in the yard. He recognized it as a condor, and also noticed that its leg was damaged, which meant that without help it was doomed. Edgardo left the bird at the farm. He took care of the condor and fed and treated it. When the chick’s leg began to heal, his guardian began teaching the condor about life in the wild.

At first, the man brought meat to the ward. But when the trauma was over, the man began to cut down on feeding, encouraging the bird to get its own food. When Condorito, as his rescuer called him, grew stronger and learned to take care of himself, he flew away to live in freedom.

The condor remembers the home of its rescuer. Sometimes it flies to the farm, comes up to the man, they cuddle, and then the bird flies away again.

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