For several years, the dog has been looking for the owner through the streets of the city, not knowing that she is no longer there

A white dog was wandering down the street. The animal had clearly not eaten its fill for a long time and was barely moving. The dog was confused. She did not pay attention to passers-by and even cars passing very close by. The dog was very sad, as if everything that was good in her life had long been left behind.

Residents of the area often met this dog. But they didn’t know why she was walking in their neighborhood and what she was trying to find. The dog was very thin and weak. Over time, it turned out that the dog was not homeless.

Собака два года ходит по улицам и ищет хозяйку, которой уже нет

The owners went to work every morning, and their pet, named Jindol, went for a walk. Previously, the dog was healthy, active and happy. Everything changed when the owner’s mom died. The dog was very depressed by the loss. She was grieving the death of the man she loved so much. The woman died more than two years ago. And from that moment on, Jindol changed a lot.

Собака два года ходит по улицам и ищет хозяйку, которой уже нет

At first, the dog just sat on the floor and whined, as if mourning his loss. Over time, Jindol’s acute grief was replaced by longing. She began to go for walks on her own, wandering along those roads and paths where they used to walk together with the owner. The dog seemed to be trying to find a person dear to her day after day reproducing the usual route. From longing, the animal even began to get sick.

Собака два года ходит по улицам и ищет хозяйку, которой уже нет

The woman’s son realized that it was very difficult for Jindol to come to terms with the loss. So he tried to help her. The owner began to go out for a walk with the dog, using the same route that she was used to. The man hopes that gradually the dog will be able to accept what happened and come back to life.

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