German Shepherd who had to fill its stomach with rope so it wouldn’t starve to death is now looking for a loving home

Boss is a two-year-old German shepherd who has had a hard life. His nickname suits him very well. He really has the strength and tenacity of a leader.

A few months ago the Cheltenham and East Gloucestershire Branch Association of the RSPCA in England was approached for help. The poor animal had nothing else to eat but rope. His survival instinct drove him to chew and eat the rope in order not to starve to death.
Of course, this food substitute did not provide him with the necessary nutrients and caused great problems in his digestive tract. When he arrived at the the orphanage, he was very thin and needed to regain his strength.

RSPCA inspectors arrived on time. Boss needed surgery right away. A piece of rope was indeed stuck in his stomach. Fortunately, the operation went well.

“He was in pretty bad shape. But with care, attention and regular nutrition, he is now gaining weight,” said a spokesperson for the charity .

Boss has also been identified and vaccinated. He will be spayed as soon as he at his ideal weight. In the meantime, the brave dog receives all the love and support of volunteers.

Like many dogs entering shelters, Boss was not well-trained. But thanks to the input of educators, he’s already come a long way.

“Boss is a very playful boy. And now he’s regaining his strength. He is enjoying active games with his guardians, who must watch him very carefully as he tends to grab and chew on anything,” explained spokesperson.

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