How a seriously ill cat became sad and a new family member helped him not to give up

When the owners first saw this cat, he immediately captured their hearts. A white beauty with an adorable pink nose and eyes like two diamonds, Coffee couldn’t leave them indifferent! But it soon became clear that they would have to fight for his life.

One day, while stroking the cat, one of the girls felt a dense mass under the cat’s skin. The mass was symmetrical. The owners were frightened and went straight to the vet.

The diagnosis made them cry: their pet had lymphoma, a malignant tumour that had spread to the lymph nodes.

“We couldn’t have imagined such a thing. The cat was only a year old and seemed perfectly healthy!” – admitted Shannon, one of the owners.

But despite the terrible diagnosis, neither Coffee nor his ‘mum’ would give up. The cat was treated, including chemotherapy. He drank the orange-coloured medicine from a syringe and then spent a long time in his bed.

The girls talked about their pet on social media and when people found out about his illness, they wanted to support the four-legged patient. He was literally inundated with letters and gifts!

Thanks to the efforts of the doctors and the support of kind people, the cat is on the mend, and the vets delighted the housewives with the news of their little friend’s remission. However, after the treatment, for some reason the cat became sad and stopped playing as before. The owners were worried about their sad little pet, and then they had a wonderful idea: to get another pet!

An adorable kitty called Luna was chosen to be the fifth animal in the house. And it worked – the new member of the family revived our hero! He became cheerful and active and wanted to play and enjoy life again. Just like before the disease!

After remission, Coffee was given a headscarf with the words “I’m a tough cat!” on it, as he had overcome such a difficult illness. The clinic staff also prepared a present for the “boy” in the form of a yummy treat, which he of course ate with gusto.

Today, his owners are just happy that he is in good health. They really hope that he will live longer with them and that the terrible disease will never come back to him!

Let’s wish him the best of health!

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