How separation brought a goose to tears. Farmer’s video shows the bird crying bitterly, missing its goose friend

The farmer showed a video of a goose crying for its goose friend. Tears were flowing from the bird’s eyes. It looks like the bird was having a hard time with the separation, which happened because of a paw injury, so he tried to hide his sadness by withdrawing his head.

Tiktok user with the nickname komainna blogs about life in the countryside and shows her subscribers the pets living on the farm. The main characters of the profile are domestic birds – a gray goose named Molly and a goose with white feathers named Dolly. Judging by the video, the feathery birds developed a warm friendship.

The geese seemed to have become very attached to each other. When Molly was forced into the enclosure and could not see Dolly, he cried bitterly. In the footage, you can see tears rolling from the feathered one’s eyes.

“My little one, what are those tears? Sweetie, she’s crying in there without you, screaming. I’ll go to her now, you little one. You’re my sweetie, don’t be sick, get well, go outside to her, my boy,” consoled the bird’s owner.

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