“If you survive, I’ll keep you forever”: woman made kitten promise

Afton Hughes is a volunteer, helping homeless animals. She learned that there was a cat living in an abandoned mill not far from her home who was about to become a mother. Afton could not take the cat herself, so she began her search for a rehoming facility and also made arrangements with local residents to feed the stray cat. It took a while to find a rehoming facility. By the time a temporary home was found, the cat had already given birth to kittens. Only four of the kittens survived, but one of them was very sick.

The baby was very passive, unresponsive to anything, and soon refused even milk. An examination at the vet showed several diseases at once. The doctors did not believe the baby would survive, but Afton decided to fight for him.

The baby had to be fed from a syringe and bottle every few hours. The kitten began to grow and gain weight. But at this point, another misfortune befell him. The disease deprived him of the ability to move. Animals rarely recover from such a blow, but Afton fought hard for this kitten and constantly told him that he must survive, then she would keep him with her for good. The kitten seemed to like the woman’s offer. He didn’t give up and together they managed to defeat death.

This little guy will never be able to run or play, but the fact that he survived is a miracle. The kitten lives with Afton, who surrounds him with care, and he responds to her with genuine adoration.

Afton tries to make life interesting for her unusual pet. She often takes him with her on walks in the neighborhood so that the kitten can explore them while lying in the arms of her loving owner. The cat has already celebrated his second birthday and we want to believe that his life will continue to be happy, no matter what.

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