Japanese restaurant hires monkeys as waiters

The owner of a Japanese restaurant thought about closing the place because of the lack of customers. On one of the last days, for fun, he tried letting a tame monkey out as a waiter.

To the owner’s surprise, the monkey understood his duties perfectly and now people sign up for the restaurant months in advance to see the unusual waiter.

Kayabukiya Tavern was built as a traditional Japanese sake house. There are many such establishments even in small towns, which explained the unpopularity of the place. That all changed with the appearance of macaque Yat-chan.

Yat-chan is 16 years old. The owner, Kaoru Otsuka, got it as a gift from a friend. He often took the monkey with him to work and apparently the clever animal learned the tricks of the trade from the restaurant’s waiters.

“At first I gave her simple tasks. Taking napkins, menus. But now Yat-chan serves drinks and takes orders that customers write down on special sheets,” Kaoru Otsuka told reporters.

This marketing trick helped the restaurant not only to “stay afloat,” but also to become famous. People from all over the country come to the institution to see the unusual waiters.

See how the monkey works:

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