Owl missed the man who saved it so much that it couldn’t stop hugging him when he came back

It’s always touching to hear about the strong friendships and bonds formed between humans and animals. This story is about how a rescue owl befriended the man who saved her from a near-death experience. The man we’re talking about is Douglas “Doug” Pozeki, president of Wild at Heart Rescue.

A great owl named Gigi was rescued in critical conditions after suffering a serious head injury, possibly due to a car accident. She was taken to the rescue where she was treated for various complications. After several weeks of treatment, Gigi was able to get back on her feet and recovered again.

One day Pozeki went away for a while to visit his family in Michigan, and as soon as he returned, he immediately went to check on Gigi. While he was looking at her, the owl slowly came up to him and hugged him. It was definitely her way of thanking him for all the love and care he had given her during her recovery at Wild at Heart.

Gigi looked so peaceful and happy, knowing that Pozeki was back, and it was proof that no matter the animal, they have a soul, they can feel love and gratitude and deserve nothing but good treatment.

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