People saw a cat that was sitting in a bucket outside and wouldn’t come out: it turned out he needed to be rescued

This cat was found on the street in Houston. At first, people didn’t pay much attention to the fact that the cat was sitting in a bucket, because everyone knows the love of these animals for different boxes and other containers. Someone noticed that the cat wouldn’t come out of the bucket for too long, while constantly looking around as if he wanted to escape but couldn’t. When people decided to check what was wrong, it turned out that there was a viscous substance at the bottom of the bucket and the cat was literally stuck to it.

Passersby tried to free the animal from the trap, but they failed. Therefore, the cat together with the bucket was sent to specialists. It turned out that the bottom of the bucket contained tar, which is used to cover roofs. The cat got into the trap by himself or someone helped him, it is unknown. To get the cat out, they had to cut the bucket open and use solvents to make the tar less viscous. According to the rescue team, this was the most difficult case in their practice.

After the cat was cleaned of the tar, it turned out that his hind paws were badly injured. The cat had gotten into the bucket when the tar was hot, and his body showed signs of thermal and chemical burns. Some were convinced that there was no way to help the cat and the most humane thing to do was to put the animal to sleep. But there were those who wanted to fight for the cat’s life, and their arguments were stronger.

The veterinarians began treatment. The cat had to be shaved to get rid of the tar. Because of the burns, he had his back leg removed. For several months the fight for the animal’s life went on nonstop, but soon the cat coped with the problems and began to get better. His fur grew back and he began to look like the rest of the pets, learning to cope with the help of his three paws.

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