People see a dog stuck in a frozen lake: firefighters risk their lives to save it

No one knows how Charlie got on the ice and how long he stayed there. It is also unknown how long he was in the water before he was rescued.

We only know that he was between life and death when he was found.
The situation was so terrible that no one was sure that Charlie would survive, even after he was rescued.

Charlie seemed to be in complete shock when he was in the middle of the icy water. He just floated very quietly. Maybe he knew it was the best thing he needed to do until the rescuers arrived.

Fortunately, the rescuers wasted no time trying to pull Charlie out of the frozen water. The rescue began when a firefighter named Jeff, dressed in red protective clothing, went out on the ice.

He has a split second to grab Charlie. Jeff slowly crawled across the ice to Charlie.

He was about to plunge into the icy water.

That’s when Charlie started screaming and crying.
The closer Jeff got, the more Charlie cried.
The poor thing was so cold, weak and scared. The cold water also caused him great pain.

Jeff was waist-deep in icy water when he approached Charlie.

Charlie was very glad to see him. Jeff picked up Charlie and put him on the ice.

But Charlie seemed too weak to move on.
Then the rest of the firefighters helped Jeff and Charlie.

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