Pilot transports dog from shelter 400 miles away to spend her last days with loving family

Unfortunately, not every shelter animal has a happy ending. Ashlyn, a sweet elderly dog who had been at the North Carolina shelter for months, was recently diagnosed with cancer.

The unfortunate four-foot girl had only a few days to live, but the pilot made sure that her remaining days were filled with care.

It all started when one day Ashlyn felt a little weak, and it soon became clear that she was sick. The vets diagnosed cancer, and there were even numerous tumors under the skin..

At one point, poor Ashlyn didn’t even have the energy anymore to run or play.

However, the staff at the New England Humane Society wanted to make sure that Ashlyn’s final days would be worth it. Doctors gave her just a couple of more weeks before she would pass away, so everyone decided to make to most of it.

The shelter staff found a perfect home for Ashlyn, but there was only one problem: her new family was located more than 400 miles away.

The shelter had no way to get her there relatively quickly, because the puppy didn’t have long to live either. However, there was a man who miraculously intervened in the situation.

Paul Steklenski is the owner of Flying Fur Animal Rescue and an experienced pilot, and he promised to get Ashlyn there quickly.

The plane ride itself has already been a highlight for the adorable four-legged baby.

Paul shared a couple of photos of himself and his companion in the air, and it’s a delightful and stunning sight. You can see that Ashlyn really enjoys being in the air, although it did take her a few minutes to get used to it. When the pup got a little uncomfortable in the air, Paul treated her to a dog cookie.

“She was a little aloof at first,” the pilot said. “Then she opened up a little bit and got closer.”

“Then she held out one paw to me, then the other,” he recalled.

“Then she put her head in my lap. That’s all that matters to me. It’s a reward in itself.”

The pilot even got emotional during the flight, seeing that this pet was much happier than she had been in recent weeks.
Paul has always loved flying and loved pets, so a couple of years ago he decided to combine the two passions. He founded Flying Fur Rescue and has been taking pets from point A to point B ever since.

“I never thought I would find something so enjoyable, so rewarding, that it would outshine almost everything else of my time on this earth,” the pilot concluded.

Once Ashlyn met her new family, it was apparent that her smile was returning.
Ashlyn was taken in by Tracy Lancer, a loving and kind woman who made sure the puppy received plenty of attention and tender care. Nevertheless, Tracy was absolutely shocked to see the condition Ashlyn was in.

“When I picked her up from the airport, her condition astounded me,” Tracy recalled. “She weighed 39 pounds – her ideal weight is between 65 and 70. She came to me wearing a sweater – when I took it off, I could see every rib.”

Tracy got Ashlyn’s weight back to normal, and she also made sure that Ashlyn received the best medical care possible.

“She’s getting around more,” Tracy added. “She’s a great eater … and she’s very attached to me.”

“He’ll go up to Ashlyn and just start licking her,” the woman said about Angel. “He thinks he can heal everybody with his tongue.”

Even though Ashlyn only had a couple of weeks left to live, she is still going strong right now.

“She knows she’s loved,” Tracy said. “Whatever happens she knows she’s loved.”

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