Pit bull named Meatball does not stop smiling after he was taken from the shelter

Meet Meatball, the pit bull who has melted thousands of hearts with his cheerful Instagram photos. However, his life wasn’t always so rosy. Before he found a loving family, he spent his days in an animal shelter.

Lisa Reilly first saw Meatball in a photo posted by the Fresno Bully shelter online and he immediately reminded her of her dog Kitty, who passed away a few months ago. Lisa took him in and he is now living with a new family with other rescued dogs. Now Meatball has everything he could have ever dreamed of, and that’s a good reason for him to smile widely!

“Fresno Bully Rescue did a great job nursing Meatball from the first time I saw him until I was able to bring him home,” Reilly tells.
But what he seemed to lap up most was the camera. Every time Reilly went to take a picture, the dog went full-on “Zoolander.”

The star in Meatball didn’t fully emerge until Reilly got him home, where he joined two other rescued pit bulls, Punky and Ricardo Tubbs, as well as dachshunds Bitty and Dappe.

Meatball knows how to work the camera.

He also knows his way around a wardrobe department.

Evening wear? No problem.

Formal wear?

“He’s truly a mama’s boy, though, and just wants to be next to me all the time,” Reilly says. “It’s great to have though, as you really can’t have a bad day when he’s around. I’d dare anyone not to smile being near him.”

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