Puppies as small as a palm could barely survive in the foliage by the highway: hungry and frozen

Sasha was returning to the village by his usual route, driving along an already deserted highway. Suddenly he noticed a small animal by the side of the road. From a distance it looked like a ferret. So Sasha asked his friend who was driving to slow down.

The pile of leaves on the side of the road was not a ferret at all, but a puppy, no older than two weeks. He was trying to hide in the leaves, trying to keep out of the cold. The puppy was very small and could barely stand on his feet. Sasha took the baby in his arms and turned to go to the car, when again he heard a faint squeak and the rustle of leaves. Carefully examining the pile of leaves, the man found another baby there, who was struggling to get close to him.

After picking up the second crumb from the ground, Sasha walked around a bit to make sure no one else was hiding from him. Without noticing any other dogs, he got into the car with the foundlings. On the way, Sasha carefully examined the babies and tried to understand how someone could have thrown them out into the street.

It is unclear how long they spent in the cold, but the little ones must have been lucky. They met not just a caring driver, but a volunteer who works with homeless animals.

Sasha talked about his find and was advised to stock up on pacifiers and baby food.

Despite the fact that the little ones fell asleep almost immediately, Sasha could not sleep. He kept thinking about the place where he had found the puppies and worried that he might have missed something, or rather someone.

As soon as it started to get light, the man decided to go back to the place and check again.

Just as he drove up to the section of the road where the babies had been dumped, Sasha noticed another puppy. This time not on the side of the road, but just in the middle of the road.

It was as if the baby himself came out to meet his savior. He was very lucky, though, that there were no cars on the road at this early hour. This time Sasha brought the whole family together.

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