Rabbit adopted three stray puppies whose mother was shot: it protects them, feeds and warms them.

Margarita Startseva from Russia once saw a big hole near her house.

When she came up, a rabbit jumped out of the hole.

Margarita found out that the rabbit had disappeared from the farm, which was located three kilometers from the village.

Apparently, this rabbit dug a hole and settled near her house

The woman began to feed the rabbit, which gladly accepted the treat.

The rabbit lived carelessly in the hole, and that was enough for him.

One frosty day Margarita saw a big dog near the hole.

She was afraid for the life of long-eared. But she was surprised when she saw a dog and a rabbit hiding together in a hole.

Soon, looking into the hole, the woman saw small puppies there.

The woman had more worries. The family of animals has increased.

Now she was feeding not only the rabbit, but also the puppies. One day the dog didn’t come. Then the woman found out that she had been shot.

After the tragedy, long-eared took care of the puppies.

He watched the puppies, not letting them get out of the hole, licked them and drove away curious cats.

Warming the puppies and protecting them from adversity, the rabbit did not let them die in severe frosts.

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