Someone inflicted a severe bruise on the dog’s muzzle, a tumor formed: there is little hope

A dog named Ralph was injured through the fault of a man. The fact that it is the person who is to blame is not subject to dispute. Animals do not cause similar injuries to each other. The CT result showed that the head hematoma entailed a malignant tumor.

Surgical treatment is not an option in this situation. Only symptomatic treatment and anesthesia are suitable.

Ralph was found in a terrible state. The dog was hungry and exhausted. When he was first fed, the dog was always afraid that a bowl would be torn out from under his nose. Probably, the doggie’s life was not easy. For a very long time, Ralph did not know the measure of food. He ate even when he was already full.

Sometimes it is very embarrassing for people. It’s a shame that we don’t help those who are weaker than us. Those who really need our help. It’s scary to even imagine what poor Ralph felt.

The dog wandered, trying to get at least some food and suffered unbearably from a tumor that progressed every day.

The doctor advised to put the dog to sleep, easing his suffering when Ralph finally lies down and loses his appetite. Only now, while Ralph is alive, while he is eating, drinking and wagging his tail, I want to fill his every day with warmth. This dog is worthy of love like no other.

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