Surprising behavior of a dog seeing his owners’ baby for the first time

Dogs have one peculiarity, which is an incredible loyalty to their owners, love and care, and not only to them. They are especially warm to children!

When they see these tiny creatures who cannot yet protect themselves, they take over this function. When they meet a baby in their home, the dogs immediately take it under their protection.

In this case, too, the owners of the dog not so long ago had a baby. The people wanted to test their dog’s reaction to the new family member.

They were curious to see what to expect from their four-legged pet. They placed the cradle with the new baby on the floor and lurched on the sidelines.

At any time the parents could have intervened in what was happening. But what the dog did stunned them to the core.

Their faithful dog approached the cradle and began to gently rock it, sniffing and kissing the baby. Next, the dog lay down next to the cradle, without ceasing to rock it, and began to guard the baby’s sleep.

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