The bear came out of the woods and immediately rushed to the man: she begged for help

A bear cub came out of the woods toward the farm. One of the workers found the wild animal, but by then the animal was so weakened that it offered no resistance to the man. The weak bear cub was carried by the man to the house.

People assumed the animal was no more than two months old. But after an examination by a veterinarian, it was found that it was a three-month-old girl, and her size does not correspond to her age because the animal had been starving for a long time. The little baby was named Vasilisa, but soon the name was shortened to Vaska.

The bear was fattened up. She soon got used to life on the farm, stopped being afraid of people and became a real “menace” to other animals.

The farm owner, Nikolai, knew that bears are in the red book in Belarus, so he could not just keep Vaska. He contacted government agencies, but officials offered only two solutions to the problem: return the animal to the forest, where it could not survive on its own, or put it to sleep. Nikolai did not want to condemn the bear to death. He contacted zoos and circuses, but they also did not want to take such a small animal, advising to call back when Vasilisa grows up.

Nikolai started a “battle” with officials and, as a result, was able to get permission to keep the bear. A veterinarian and a trainer told him how to properly care for him.

Nikolai immediately realized that he was going to take care of a wild animal, so he was ready for Vaska to scratch and bite, because for her it is just child’s play, but for a human it can become a serious problem.

The little bear has grown stronger, loves walking by the pond, and is quiet to people, although she responds to attempts to violate her personal boundaries with a threatening growl. The farmer understands that an animal accustomed to human care will not survive in the woods, but he does not want to give her to a zoo or a circus. Nikolai plans to build a spacious aviary on the farm, where Vasilisa will be safe.

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