The bear climbed onto the bridge, but did not calculate the strength and hung: the strength to hold on was running out.

The bear, weighing over 100 kg, climbed up the stone bridge, but could not get down from it. The animal spent 24 hours suspended, clawing at the edge of the bridge with the last of its strength. The rescuers helped him down.

The bridge over Lake Tahoe is high. It is almost 25 meters from the roadway on the bridge to the water. Realizing that he would not survive the fall, the bear clung to the supports with all his might.

How the bear got into this position is unknown. But the staff of the reserve suggest that he was walking on the bridge and tried to avoid the car or was afraid of it, so he went down. The bear did not have enough strength and agility to climb up again.

People noticed the bear on the pole only after a while. They immediately reported about the animal to the employees of the local national park. The people stretched a net. When the bear saw it, it stopped holding on and fell into the net and settled comfortably.

“We had the impression that he fully understood what we were doing and what he needed to do. We checked the cameras and found that he had been hanging like that for almost twenty-four hours. It was noticeable that he had run out of strength to hold on to the support,” says a park employee.

The bear was carefully lowered down in a net and taken to the forest, where it was set free. The bear took one last look at the people and went into the thicket.

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