The big dog was very sad at the shelter

One large dog of the breed “Cane-Corso” got into the Novosibirsk shelter of stray dogs. His name is Gilmore and he lived in a family with the owners and their baby. But this family, due to difficult family circumstances, had to hand over their pet to a shelter.

But Gilmore, who is used to love and care, family affection, can’t get used to captivity in any way. He was sad. The dog could not come to terms with the fact that from now on he would live locked up.

The dog is very young. She is only 2 years old, he has excellent health. But he was never alone, so it was unusual for him to be in a shelter. The doggie was not very sociable either with dogs or with cats who were in the shelter.

For this dog, a new owner was very carefully searched for. Because dogs of this breed require special care. Not everyone can handle such a difficult job.

And finally, the shelter staff found a suitable owner for this purebred dog. And it turned out to be a fragile and young girl named Kristina. And despite the weight of the dog – he weighs 55 kg – the girl coped well with Gilmore’s upbringing.

Kristina immediately took her Gilmore to a dog handler’s class. He taught the girl and the dog how to better understand each other.

And as a result, the dog listens to the new owner. He lives with Kristina in her house and with a cat. They all get along well with each other. Gilmore became a real member of the family.

A dog and a girl have a lot in common. For example, they both like to walk for a long time, love children very much and play with other dogs.

They often go out of town and walk through forests and fields, swim in rivers and lakes. Gilmore is really happy. And most importantly, he is no longer alone!

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