The cat even accompanies his owner to the shower in gratitude for taking him from the shelter

A cat named Belorus was “orphaned” after a landlord of his previous owner forbade her to keep animals. The saddened family brought the pet to the shelter in the hope that a good home would be found for him here.

“This big guy is very affectionate, friendly and so handsome with his slanted eyes and fluffy tail,” said Deb Campbell of Animal Care and Control San Francisco.

Belarus was eager to be loved, constantly asking for attention and affection. When visitors came to visit, he would stand on his hind legs and lean on the door, as if begging the guests to take him home.

Rachel, from San Francisco, came across a post about Belarus on Instagram. At that point, she had been looking for a cat for some time.

“When I saw his eyes, I fell in love and contacted the shelter the same day,” Rachel says. “I had to reschedule all my appointments and errands to visit him.”

When Belorus and Rachel finally met, the sweet kitty clung to the woman trustingly, as if to say he was ready to go to the ends of the earth with her.

“He was well behaved on the road, surprisingly quick to settle in and completely pampered.”

The leering cutie quickly turned into a small shadow of his Rachel.

“He follows me everywhere, especially to the bathroom in the morning. You can forget about privacy,” the woman shares.

“Our big kitty has a bright personality. He was about a year old when we got him, so he still acts like a child. He loves to play, run around, roll balls and things like that.”

When the owner takes a shower, the cat waits for her outside. He wants to make sure she’s okay after the “water torture.”

At the beginning of each day, he accompanies Rachel to the bathroom and oversees her getting ready.

The Belarusian wants to be an integral part of her morning rituals.

Cute kitty meets mommy when she comes home from work and from the doorstep shows her his readiness to eat, play and get lots of attention.

He regularly checks his owners’ fridge, and doesn’t hesitate to give his honest opinion on their diet.

Belarus likes to “help” his mom load the dishwasher.

“He’s right there if I lie down on the couch to watch TV or check email,” Rachel says. “He falls asleep or starts licking when he’s sure he can’t get any closer to me.”

Whenever the computer is turned on, Belorus comes over with his helping paw.

The inquisitive boy wants to see everything a human mom does.

“On top of that, he’s pretty darn good at all sorts of cat stuff, like throwing things off the table or bathroom shelf – it’s his must-have program.”

Watch Belarus in this cute video:

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